Training and Workshops

Therapeutic Support & Training

Thursday 13 June 2019, 10am - 2.30pm

3 Elwood Street, London, N5 1EB

This training uses Theraplay® to build relationships - using play and activities to build stronger more secure attachment relationships between children and their carers. Special guardians will explore the issues in helping children to build attachment relationships and why this might be difficult for them. Trainer Julia Davis is a play therapist and social worker with over 25 years experience.

For more information and to book your place, contact your local SG Support Team.

Mindfulness for Special Guardians - eight week course

Every Friday starting 26 April - 21 June 2019

The Laycock Centre, Laycock Street, London, N1 1TH

Mindfulness can help with managing moods and thoughts, and becoming more resilient in the face of stress and challenges. In this eight week course, based on the book Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, we will practice guided mindfulness exercises together and explore ways of incorporating mindfulness practice within everyday family life.

Jo Temple is a mindfulness practitioner, trainer and Clinical Psychologist. She works with Looked After Children, young people, parents and carers within Hackney Children and Families Service.

To book your place or to find out how the Adoption Support Fund can pay for your Mindfulness for SG course, please email [email protected]

Across the consortium, we provide some great free training for special guardians. You can attend training in any of the six consortium boroughs. If you are already an SG parent, you can attend 'Being a Special Guardian' training.  PAC-UK's sessions on educational difficulties, and one to one support through counselling are also great sessions to attend.. 

Preparation for Special Guardianship

This is a half day preparation workshop for those thinking of becoming a Special Guardianship carer or Special Guardians currently in assessment.

Being a Special Guardian

If you are a newly or recently approved special guardianship parent, this one-day workshop is for you. The sessions are run by social workers and special guardians and provide an opportunity to learn more about:

  • the law and parental responsibility
  • planning and support available for special guardians
  • the issues around contact with birth families, the effects of trauma and how your child's history impacts on their behaviour and development

The training sessions will run monthly in each of the Consortium boroughs. For details of the actual day, time and venue, please contact your special guardianship support team for details and how you can book your place.

Training for Special Guardians

These workshops are for existing (approved) special guardians in the Consortium. We'll add the next event when we have more details.

Generally the workshop will cover a range of topics, including legal issues and parental responsibility, planning and support and family contact. The workshop will also address the effects of trauma and the child’s history on their behaviour and development and talking to your child about what has happened to them. 

There is also training on topics guardians may find useful, now and in the future: 

Theraplay with trainer Julia Davis

Theraplay uses play and activity to build stronger more secure attachment relationships between children and their carers and why building attachments might be difficult for them.

Telling Difficult Stories with trainer Judith Ellis

This session will help you find the words to help your child understand why they no longer live with their parents; the past and why they now live with you.


We'll provide you with information on contact and the issues that can arise. You'll get tips on how to best support your child before, during and after contact.

Contact your support team for more information and to book your place.